Top Benefits of Sealcoating your Asphalt Driveway in Long Island

Do you know sealcoating your asphalt driveway at your Long Island property helps in extending its life? Your damaged asphalt driveways can lead to expensive and difficult repairs. In order to avoid this type of inconvenience, you need to maintain your asphalt driveways with top quality sealcoating service in Long Island, which is one of the best and most effective ways. It is believed that sealcoating is an easy and inexpensive process that will extend life of your driveway and keep it in a great condition.

Working with a reputable sealcoating contractor in Long Island will help you in getting a perfectly executed sealcoating job for your driveways, which will offer great benefits like:

asphalt driveway sealcoating

#1- Make your Driveway Weatherproof:
Sealcoating the asphalt driveway at your Long Island property will protect it from rain, snow and water overflow. One of the main degrading factors of your asphalt driveway is water damage. Normally when water seeps into cracks and pavement, then it erodes the ground beneath your driveway. This issue can be avoided with sealcoating, which will cover all small cracks in your asphalt driveway and prevent water from causing any kind of damage.

#2- Offers Sun Protection:
Do you know UV rays can also affect the longevity of your asphalt driveway? The harmful UV rays cause oxidation, which results in driveway deterioration. In this case sealcoating acts like a sun block and prevents the harmful UV rays from aging or damaging your asphalt driveway.

#3- Keep Safe from Contaminants:
Contaminants like gas, oil and other substances generally eat away your asphalt driveway’s surface. Sealcoating your asphalt driveway will act as a protective barrier, which the driveway resistant to gasoline and other contaminants. A perfectly done sealcoating will fill all small cracks and other damages, which prevents any kind of chemical or gasoline leakage when spilled on the driveway’s surface. This will ensure a well maintained driveway.

#4- Enhance Durability:
Normally, the asphalt driveway at your Long Island property goes through a lot of traffic wear and tear as well as it has to face weather nuances. This makes your driveway vulnerable and leads to damage. In this case, opting for sealcoating will prove to be effective as it works as a protective layer and helps in enhancing your driveways durability.

#5- Proves to be Inexpensive:
Sealcoating your asphalt driveway will prove to be a cost-effective way of preventing costly repairs. By relying on a reputable sealcoating contractor, you will get an affordable yet reliable asphalt sealcoating that will keep your driveway in a top form.

Sealing Asphalt Driveway

You can opt for a reliable asphalt driveway sealcoating in Long Island from Better Roads Construction that will not only extend your driveway’s life, but also improve its curb appeal. We are proud to be known as one of the competent and trustworthy Long Island sealcoating contractors. With Better Roads Construction, you will get quality workmanship and great results.

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Four Crucial Considerations for Asphalt Construction & Repair

The look of your asphalt makes the 1st impression for your home or business establishment. As the point of attention for guests and passersby, an appealing driveway adds immense value to your hard-earned investment.  While planning for a driveway repair or construction, it’s essential to throw attention to many aspects that associate to design & function likewise. Here are a few crucial considerations when starting any driveway construction or repair project in Long Island, NY.

Asphalt Repairs Long Island

Choosing a pro asphalt paving & repair service:

Hiring the service of a specialist asphalt repairs in Long Island is critical in any driveway construction or repair process. Door-to-door services with ‘additional asphalt’ or sealant that provides you a great deal on the spot, could be cheaters. However, hiring a reliable asphalt service in Long Island with stern specifications, practices, and installation methods makes sure top-notch results.

Placement of asphalt construction:

Another advantage of working with a reputed Long Island asphalt professional is that they can assist to protect and improve the natural look of your landscapes. Rocks, trees, and open landscaping can be preserved, while your pavement can be tactically designed to complement the existing landscape. Keeping your pavement some distance from deep rooted shrub and trees will further assist stop potential penetrations & cracks in the concrete as the 2 battle for space.

Atlanta Asphalt Repairs

Subgrade surface formulation:

The subgrade is an essential element of any asphalt pavement installation. It caters as the podium for your pavement. Beyond the appropriate choice of materials, your asphalt contractor should further compact, mark, and handle the subgrade with a soil sterilizer to stop future vegetation escalation. Contractors will check the whole pavement area for any ‘delicate spots’ and will sort out them before persisting with the pavement overlay practice.

Appropriate driveway drainage:

Pavements with awful drainage system have a shorter lifetime and need more regular repairs and maintenance. Standing water harms the materials and honesty of asphalt layout. Over time these penetrations will upshot in cracks & holes that demand driveway repairing rather frequently.

Asphalt Repairs Long Island

Even on plain areas, asphalt needs a minimum of 2% slope and a crest of at least a quarter-inch per foot for appropriate sewage. Considerations for sewage include assessing the possible garbage from any nearby structure’s downspouts, alleys and porches. Special considerations may comprise the fitting of tube cross drains underneath the pavement to change the direction of the water.

For professional asphalt repair & blacktop paving in Long Island, contact Better Roads Construction. With us you will always get a wonderfully finished asphalt work at an unbelievable price. To take advantage of our offerings, call us now at (914) 906-7717.

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Four Questions to Ask Your Long Island Sealcoating Contractors

The reason you prefer sealcoat asphalt roadway is to broaden the life of the pavement investment. It is as straightforward as that. Whether sealcoating contractors are sealcoating parking lots or driveways, the original asphalt road investments by customers is important. So anything the Long Island sealcoating contractors can do to slow down the pace of pavement worsening enhances the life cycle expenditures of that roadway investment. And sealcoating as part of a complete asphalt road maintenance program – plays a crucial part in improving pavement life.

Several homeowners prefer to seal driveway asphalt on their own. But this is not a small investment as the expenses for a sealing a driveway might range from $200-$400 per 1,000 square feet. So you wish to ensure it is done perfectly to prevent further harm to your asphalt or concrete.

If you have decided to hire a Long Island sealing contractor to seal your asphalt, be certain to ask the following queries to discover the most eligible contractor for the responsibility:

Better Roads & Drives

What sort of sealing chemicals do you employ?
Diverse chemicals have diverse properties & effects. Water based adhesives are secure, but usually wear off quicker. Urethane, acrylic and others boost the danger of fire since they contain combustible constituents. The glossiest water defiant sealcoating may make the asphalt treacherously slippery, particularly if you reside in a zone where rain, snow and ice are usual.

Do you disperse the sealant?
Some asphalt contractors disperse their sealer to save some money, but the outcome is not exactly you are looking for. Ensure they use the sealant as indicated by the manufacturer.

How do you spread out the sealer?
The firsthand brush method is the one that most people look for because it makes sure even distribution of the sealer. Alternatives can make sealing mesh, which upshot in a pavement excessively sheltered in a few places and not at all in others.

Will you mend existing cracks prior to applying sealer?
It is essential to repair breaks in your pavement prior to sealing it, but be certain to find a price estimation for that asphalt or concrete repair besides the asphalt sealing work. If the breaks are negligible, repair them on your own by clearing them of broken edges and garages and after that filling them with a material, for example concrete sealer, pourable grout, or textured caulk.

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Do you need to seal your concrete or asphalt driveway in Long Island, New York? Call Better Roads Construction for out-of-the-box Long Island Sealcoating Services. From paving & sealcoating to repairs & maintenance, we do everything to ensure our clients each and every asphalt need is met with utmost convenience. Please feel free to call us at (914) 906-7717!

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