Top 4 Reasons To Rely On Professional Asphalt Driveway Repairs In Long Island

Driveways are the major component for any home and business. Though driveways are used on a daily basis and can go through extreme weather (from cold winter days to hot summer depending upon the location), it stands to reason that they will break, crumble or need professional repairs of some kind. Some homeowners or business owners think that repairing an asphalt driveway in Long Island is not worth their time, as it will just back to being used the same as before it needed work. In fact, there are so many benefits to make sure that a driveway is repaired and working properly. One more thing remember that, driveways that are taken care of very well can last along as 50 years provides the homeowners making the less asphalt driveway repairs in Long Island throughout this time period.
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1. Give Suggestions On Driveway Maintenance and Repair –
Driveways can take a lot of ill-usage on how often they are used, as well as the lifestyle of the homeowner. If you own a business, the asphalt driveway should be strong enough to hold heavy equipments. No matter whether it’s your business or lifestyle, you should maintain the asphalt driveway in the long run. Professional contractors can also provide you with the best ways to protect the driveway from harsh elements so that it will need less repair in Long Island.

2. Deliver Good Results –
Certified contractors providing asphalt driveway repairs in Long Island are thorough in their preparation making sure you’ve a perfect drainage system and installing a stable sub base before puring any asphalt on to it. They will provide personalized attention to every detail so that you’ll be left with a smooth, durable parking space.

3. Save Money –
If you’re going to install a parking lot yourself, think twice. It’s obvious that you’ll figure out how to lay pavement and you’ll likely get affordable materials from different retailers. Doing it on your own may save you money initially. But your lack of proper skills and access to superior quality materials can ensure expensive repairs in the future.

When investing in professional asphalt repairs in Long Island, you’ll be assure of getting superior, long lasting results. Usually, asphalt contractors install and maintain parking lots for a living. After all, they have expertise and tools to get the job done perfectly and efficiently. They will surely spot and identify potential problems and fix them before developing into bigger yet much expensive issues. So, it’s wise to use your money to further your investments, not to pay for damage controls.

4. Save Time –
If you run a business, you’ve employees and customers all vying for your attention. You simply don’t need to spend an afternoon filling cracks and repainting faded lines in your parking lot. Hiring a company for asphalt driveway repairs in Long Island can do your work!

Conclusion –
Better Road Construction offers quality asphalt driveway repairs in Long Island at reasonable costs. Our certified contractors will work with you to develop and execute a suitable as well as effective maintenance plan. Let you take care of your asphalt repairs  and surely you’ll be free to focus on other important aspects of building your business. Get in touch with experts providing asphalt repairs in Long Island at Better Road Construction today and discover on your own!

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Why Fall Is the Ideal Time To Sealcoat Your Long Island Driveway

Seal coating is recommended as a standard form of care for asphalt surfaced structures such as parking lots or driveways. If you have a property or business in Long Island, you may ponder if a driveway sealcoating in Long Island is really essential or if it is something you can avoid to save money. In this post, we will cover the several reasons to seal coat your parking lot or driveway this fall.

Sealcoating boosts pavement lifespan:

Sealcoating incorporates a defensive layer over your parking lot or driveway, a shield that safeguard it from the hazardous elements. This is especially vital as we are getting closer to the winter season that’ll bring precipitation, cold temperatures and frost.

Prevent high repairing expenditures:

Without sealcoating your driveway or parking-lot is revealed to the outdoor elements, which can produce damage like potholes and cracks. Fixing these injuries can be costly, and if damage is not controlled then it could lead you to install a whole new parking lot or driveway. These costly repairs can be kept in check by having access to professional Long Island sealcoating services.

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Sealcoating safeguards against water & freeze-thaw cycle:

An exposed parking lot or driveway that isn’t sealed is susceptible to the outdoor elements,  especially water damage. This issue can be deteriorated over the winter months when water can  leak in minute openings then freeze. Glaciated water swells, and this makes larger openings and other types of damages. Sealcoating can prevent this type of damage as it closes the small openings and keep water out.

Sealcoating averts destruction from auto fluids:

Asphalt is made of petroleum, and when auto fluids like gas and oil fall over the facade it can dispersed into the asphalt, weakening the surface and ultimately causing breakages & cracks. Gas and oil are  inescapably going to fall onto your parking lot or driveway. You can clean out the spills, but you can also safeguard your driveway or parking lot from this destruction with sealcoating.


Fall is the ideal time to sealcoat your asphalt:

Sealcoating isn’t a task that can be handled in every season. Fall and springs are the ideal period to seal coat because sealcoating needs temperatures above 50 degree and a complete day without heavy rainfall. Fall is also the best time since it permits you to safeguard your driveway just before the winter season hits.

Sealcoating isn’t something that you should ignore- though it may save you some cash temporarily, it’ll inescapably cost you big time in the long  run as your parking lot starts to break and weaken.

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Why Asphalt Sealcoating Is A Must

There’s a saying that I often heard that “your asphalt shouldn’t be sealcoated because it requires to take in air”. I cannot tell you exactly how many times I heard this misguided point of view in my life as a Long Island asphalt maintenance contractor.

To the “nay sayers” benefit, I’ll admit that there’s some reality to the above mentioned statement. New asphalt shouldn’t be sealcoated in the 1st 90 days-6 months. The reason behind this is new asphalt passes through a curative stage in which chemicals are discharged from the asphalt. An indication that your asphalt is still going through this stage is that there must be a rain bowish shade to water when the blacktop is damp. This is the water & chemicals still blending.

Following the healing practice has finished, it’s time to sealcoat your blacktop. If your blacktop isn’t sealed it’ll oxidize and start to weaken. If you ever have observed how the shade of new asphalt transforms from black to brown to grey to white – let me aware you that this is direct impact of water, sun light and other outdoor conditions.

Asphalt Sealcoating

Only asphalt sealcoating in Long Island can safeguard your blacktop from the weakening sourced by corrosion. If blacktop becomes corrodes it loses some of its flexible attributes, which can upshot in cracking. Another important advantage of sealcoating is the defense from oil and gasoline. Regrettably, oil, gasoline and the chemicals in the blacktop binder are all petroleum based stuff. Why should that matter? Being that these are same supply in the earth, they’ve a natural penchant to bond collectively. The upshot of this association is the gasoline and oil weakens the blacktop binder. Once the blacktop binder is weakened that stone begins to discharge from the surface.

Asphalt Sealcoating

So the next time if anyone says you that you should not sealcoat your asphalt, please forward them to this post. If they ignore, let them manage the high expenditure of substituting their blacktop or paying heavily for crack fixing.

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